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"How does testosterone help in muscle development?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does testosterone help in muscle development?


I'm 26 and female. I am trying to gain muscle but am having a hard time bulking up. Is it because of my testosterone levels?


Testosterone is one of the important parts of adding muscle bulk to any body, and is a big part of the reason that males are naturally more muscular than females, in general. The obvious caveat is that there are many other effects of testosterone other than just helping to add muscle mass, which can be seen in everything from the hair and balding patterns of men, all the way to the increased rates of heart disease at a young age, among other effects. Testosterone is a steroid, and, as such, it carries messages to the DNA of the cells in your body. These messages are interpreted and then cause the various cells to create new proteins and follow a different plan based on the level or presence of these hormones. In the case of testosterone, part of the message that the hormone carries is to increase muscle bulk. For that reason, women, who do not have the same levels of testosterone, are not able to naturally add the same amount of muscle mass that men do, in general. If you are seeking to bulk up, there are many methods to do so, however. Please speak to a sports medicine specialist about healthy ways to do so.

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