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"Will therapeutic massage reduce my need for drugs?"


I am a 25 year old drug addict and have tried rehab. Can therapeutic massage take off the edge?


Therapeutic massage is an excellent alternative medical therapy. Licensed and trained massage therapists are skilled at helping reduce tension and stress through manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Benefits of massage therapy can include an enhanced sense of well being, reduced stress, and the like.

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However, massage therapy has no proven benefits in the treatment of drug addictions. No doubt, it can be a helpful adjunct therapy to reduce stress, but it will not be the solution to your underlying addiction problems. You absolutely must seek professional help from an addition specialist, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist or addiction medicine doctor. There is no alternative way to break the addiction cycle. Sometimes addictions can be treating in an outpatient session with intensive multidisciplinary team management, whereas other times it does require inpatient management in a rehab facility. I strongly encourage you to seek professional treatment. You should not look to alternative therapies which have no proven benefit, and in fact I challenge you to consider that maybe you are investigating alternative therapies like massage as a way to avoid dealing with the central issue, which can only be dealt with directly and with medical help.

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