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"What are some ways to deal with the emotional toll of third degree burns?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are some ways to deal with the emotional toll of third degree burns?


I'm 27 and was in a very bad car accident. I had some burns on my arms and feel completely unattractive. What can I do to feel confident again?


I am very sorry to hear that you suffered severe burns from a car accident. The good news is that you survived, but the emotional and psychological consequences both from remembering the accident and also from the cosmetic disfigurement from the burns can be a big problem. I highly recommend that you seek out a therapist, counselor, or psychologist if you do not already have one. They will be able to sit down with you and, over time, help you work through the traumatic experience as well as help you regain some confidence. You may also want to talk to a psychiatrist, because if you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the accident, you may need to take a medication to help get some of the anxiety symptoms under control. Another thing to consider would be to talk to a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. I say this because it is possible that some of the more severe areas of scarring from the burns might be amenable to cosmetic surgical treatment. I cannot guarantee this, but if you have never talked to a plastic surgeon, it would definitely be worth your while. Good luck as you move forward with your life!

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