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"Is the South Beach diet one that recommends cutting out carbs?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the South Beach diet one that recommends cutting out carbs?


Hi. I love carbs but want to diet. Will the south beach diet ask me to cut out all carbs and is it safe if so?


Calories come from three basic building blocks of foods: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Alcohol also contains calories. There are a lot of fad diets that try to manipulate what percentage of your dietary calorie intake comes from each of these groups. The Atkins diet completely eliminates carbohydrates for a few weeks, then slowly introduces carbohydrates back to a very low level (less than 20% of total intake). South Beach aims for a less restrictive balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but still allows much less carbohydrates than the typical American diet. Ultimately, regardless of what diet you are on, weight loss boils down to burning more calories than you take in. Many studies have shown this. Increasing your exercise frequency, duration and intensity will help to burn calories. Cutting down on portion sizes and frequency of meals will help to cut down on your calorie intake. If you find that you "love carbs" so much that a majority of your diet is coming from carbohydrates, you may benefit from a diet that regulates how much of this you can take in. Like you, the typical American takes in way too many carbohydrates, particularly refined carbohydrates like white bread, sugar, corn starch-containing foods, pasta and white rice. You should see a dietician to discuss the best way to start a weight loss regimen.

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