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"What are the drawbacks of top surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the drawbacks of top surgery?


I am changing my sex and want to go all the way including top surgery. I am 24. What drawbacks are possible?


Any cosmetic procedure suffers from the same general list of negatives. These commonly include the risk of infection, bleeding, anesthesia, and all of the other risks that go with having done surgery where there was no medical need. If there is a personal reason that this does need to be performed, then it is imperative to discuss the risks in detail with the surgeon who would be doing the procedure, and also making sure that you have a reputable surgeon who will provide excellent long term care. Specific risks related to having top surgery would relate to the method that is utilized. They often include the risk of losing some sensation to areas of the breast, especially including the nipple/areolar region. Additionally, it is important to note that there will be a scar, which can vary in prominence depending on both how the surgery is performed and how large your breasts are currently. If you feel that top surgery is important to you, please discuss the risks carefully with your surgeon before proceeding. Doctors are constantly reminded of the need to "first, do no harm," and cosmetic surgery of any type is an area that requires thoughtful review for that reason.

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