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"What is the transactional model of stress and coping?"


How will it help me accomplish certain tasks? I am 29 and am having a hard time.


Stress is essentially an upset of a person's psychological balance. Beginning in the 1960's, psychologists began to view stress as a transaction depending on what a stressor meant to the individuals. The core assumptions are as follows.

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When a person is faced with a stressor, that person evaluates the potential threat (primary appraisal) and a judgment is made as to whether this event is stressful, positive, controllable, challenging, irrelevant, etc. For example if someone is required to make a speech, one person may enjoy the opportunity and find it a positive challenge while another may see it as a fate worse than death. The secondary appraisal is where/ the person evaluates how controllable the stressor is and determines what his coping resources are. If one person has lost his job and has no good options and no family or loved ones to lean on for support, he will see this as a much greater stressor than someone who has many new job prospects and a very supportive group of people around him. Essentially the model is a guideline for how one should view conflict and stress with emphasis on modifying how one views challenges. Biofeedback, relaxation techniques, visual imagery, problem-focused coping, emotion-based coping, and meaning-based coping are examples of how a psychiatrist will try to modify an individuals coping skills and their initial view of a situation. If you are having a hard time dealing with some of life's issues you should seek the advice of a psychiatrist so you can discuss together what strategies would be right for you.

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