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"Do vitamin supplements help athletes perform better?"


I am a 21 year old football player and want to increase my concentration. Will vitamin supplements help?


There has been quite a bit of research that has gone into optimizing performance, and one of the simplest and best studied methods to do this has been through the use of multi-vitamins. For the most part, this research has demonstrated that for normal people who are otherwise healthy and eat a well balanced diet, there is not much benefit to the use of regular vitamins and mineral supplementation. Depending on your level of physical activity and other medical conditions, there can obviously be some variation to this, but for most athletes a healthy diet including lots and lots of fruits and vegetables will contain what your body needs to perform optimally.

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Despite this, it is obvious that there is a large market to athletes and others who want a "quick fix" or "extra boost," and the proliferation of performance enhancing drugs and even just so-called health stores is proof that many people continue to turn to other methods. The vitamins and minerals that we need are necessary for the body to perform well, but more than enough has not been found to be beneficial. Please speak with your sports medicine doctor for more information about optimizing your performance.

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