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"Can diet shakes result in weight loss?"

ZocdocAnswersCan diet shakes result in weight loss?


How do diet shakes work? I still feel hungry after drinking one. How can I lose weight while drinking shakes and eating food.


There are many different diet fads and gimmicks: low carbs, shakes, diet pills, etc. Ultimately, weight loss comes down to burning more calories than you take in. This involves increasing your exercise frequency, intensity and duration to increase your calorie expenditure, and decreasing your portion sizes and meal frequency in order to take in fewer calories. Diet shakes are meant to REPLACE your meals. Many people find them unsatisfying and unfilling, however, just as you have. If you continue to eat your usual diet and to drink shakes, you will certainly NOT lose weight, you will actually gain MORE weight, as your calorie intake will be higher. You should meet with your primary care physician to discuss weight loss strategies further. He or she can make a referral to a nutritionist or a dietician, and as a group you can come up with the safest and most effective approach to weight loss. You will develop a safe exercise regimen depending on your age, abilities and other illnesses, and you will work on a diet that helps you to minimize your calories while not feeling very hungry.

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