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"Do I need to follow weight loss tips 100% to lose weight?"


Is there any wiggle room that will allow me to lose weight and still eat tasty food? I am a 25 year old male so I lose weight kind of fast.


There is no magic formula to losing weight, and most people who are dieting do need a day off from the diet in order to eat foods they particularly enjoy. This can usually be done without derailing the diet completely. The basic principles of weight loss include making sure to eat regular, small, balanced meals.

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One excellent idea would be to set up an appointment with a nutritionist. They will be able to take a look at your eating habits and also the amount of weight you need to lose and make suggestions about how to set up an effective meal plan. The nice thing about talking to a nutritionist is that they will help you adapt the diet plan to include foods that you like to eat, which goes along with the concern you raise in your question (a diet can be tasty, in other words). Also, it is important to exercise regularly, as dieting alone is not sufficient for weight loss. Generally, the recommendation is that you should get 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise on most days of the week. The exercise should be vigorous enough that it should make you sweat and raise your heart rate.

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