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"I had chest pains that hurt really bad for about 15 minutes &could it be signs of a heart attack?"


Details, piercing chest pain that lasted about 10 or more minutes. Felt like I had swallowed a piece of large ice and it would not go away.


The chances of this being a heart attack are hard to predict without knowing your age, gender, and whether you have any significant medical problems, because these all factor into your risk. However, a general rule is that any time you have significant chest pain and it is worrisome to you, it is always better to be safe and check with your doctor or an emergency room doctor to make sure it is not something serious. Symptoms that would be more consistent with heart-related chest pain include an aching or squeezing quality, moving of the pain up your jaw or into your arm, feeling like your heart is racing, shortness of breath, or sweating.

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Also if the pain comes with exercise (such as climbing stairs) and goes away with rest that is also more concerning. At the same time, there are many other causes of chest pain. Probably the most common is simple a strain or sprain, often from lifting a heavy object or vigorous physical exercise. This pain is often worse with a deep breath or when pressing over the area of pain. Heartburn is also very common. If you have any of the concerning symptoms I mentioned, seek immediate medical help.

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