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"What are the benefits of Implanon as oppsed to Yasmin? "


I'm thinking about changing my birth control from Yasmin to Implanon. What are the benefits of Implanon as opposed to Yasmin, aside from the obvious not taking a pill daily? I am a nursing student so I'm looking for a more in depth answer.


Yasmin (and other birth control pills) and Implanon are both hormonal methods for preventing pregnancy. Yasmin contains both an estrogen and a progesterone hormone. This means that using Yasmin as directed will result in periodic menstrual periods that are more or less the same as they would be if you were not taking any birth control.

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On the other hand Implanon contains progesterone only. This means that women who use Implanon are more likely to have very light periods or to stop bleeding altogether. For many women, this is an attractive side effect, however others are reassured by having regular menstrual cycles and would not like this. Also the incidence of irregular bleeding is higher with Implanon. Implanon is inserted under the skin of the arm and lasts for three years. This means that, for three years, you do not have to worry about birth control. This is the obvious advantage, because birth control pills like Yasmin require you to take a pill every day and, if you forget, the effectiveness of the birth control is greatly reduced. One potential disadvantage of the Implanon is that there can be scarring at the site of insertion, either when it is being inserted or at the end of three years when it is being taken out. I recommend talking to your OB GYN doctor for more information.

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