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"Should I see a urologist before my abortion?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I see a urologist before my abortion?


I am going to get my abortion done in some time but I feel irritation during urination for some days. Should I see a urologist first before my abortion?


I do not think that you need to see a urologist. The symptoms you are describing of urinary irritation are probably related to a simple urinary tract infection. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include burning with urination, pressure in the lower abdomen, and a sensation of needing to urinate frequently even though a significant amount of urine may not be present.

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Urinary tract infections are very common in young healthy women and do not usually indicate a serious underlying problem; they are even more common in pregnant women. Your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor will be able to handle this problem for you by likely prescribing a common oral antibiotic to clear the infection, although they will probably want to perform a urine test first. Another possibility is simply that you have the urge to urinate frequently as a symptom of pregnancy. Pregnant women often have this sensation, even though they may not have a real urinary tract infection. The symptoms are related to the growth of the uterus pressing on the bladder as well as the hormonal shifts in the body of the pregnant woman changing the way the body processes salt and water. Again, your OB GYN doctor is probably the best one to talk with.

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