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"Is a hormone level measurement done with blood or urine?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a hormone level measurement done with blood or urine?


I am a 32 year old woman who is trying to get pregnant. They want to measure my hormone levels. Will this be done through blood or urine?


Most hormones can be detected in both urine samples and blood samples. In your particular case, your doctor will want to measure hormone levels in the blood. This is because the actual concentrations (levels) of the hormones in question are important to your ability to get pregnant. While these hormones can be found in the urine, the concentration of the hormones will vary depending on how concentrated your urine is. The hormone levels that your doctor will be interested may need to be drawn at a specific time in your menstrual cycle. Thus, I would document when your last menstrual period was before going in to see the doctor so that they know what your hormone levels should be. The regularity of your periods will also be an important factor. The type of doctor that you will want to see for this is a fertility specialist. These doctors are typically trained OBGYNs. Most fertility specialists will want you to try for pregnancy for at least one year before initiating such a workup. This means that you will need to report that you had unprotected sex at least once per week for 12 months without success. The exact details that are required depend on your doctor's preferences. I wish you luck in your evaluation.

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