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"How does Huntington's Disease affect coordination?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does Huntington's Disease affect coordination?


My stepson was diagnosed with Huntington's disease. How will this affect his coordination? He works with his hands, so it's imoprtant.


I am sorry to hear that someone in your family is dealing with a diagnosis of Huntington's disease. As your probably know now, Huntington's disease is an inherited condition that unfortunately tends to be progressive and for which there is no cure. In some patients, the symptoms progress slowly while in others they tend to progress quickly. I highly recommend that you discuss this condition and diagnosis with your family's neurologist, who will be able to help guide you through a discuss of what to expect from the disease and how to manage it. One of the most typical features of Huntington's disease is something called chorea. Chorea are rapid, involuntary movements of the arms, legs, face, and other parts of the body. Gradually with Huntington's these movements tend to worsen, and they definitely interfere significantly with coordination and with the ability to perform tasks with the hands. There are various medications that can be used to control the symptoms of chorea. These medications are not a cure, but they should help make the symptoms less severe. You should talk with your neurologist about this. Finally, since the condition is inherited, you should discuss with your doctors whether or not testing in other family members should be performed.

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