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"Can meningitis be a result of Hydropcephalus?"


I had meningitis my freshman year of college. Now a year later I'm wondering if it could be because of Hydropcephalus.


I am sorry to hear that you had meningitis, but I am glad that you recovered and appear to be doing well. Meningitis which as you know is an infection of the lining around the brain, is actually more common in people living in college in dormitories than in some other segments of the population. It can be life threatening, but it usually responds well to treatment with antibiotics, as in your case.

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It is unlikely that hydrocephalus, which is a collection of fluid inside channels within the brain, would cause meningitis. On the other hand, very severe meningitis might lead to scarring of the channels, which could lead to hydrocephalus. There are other rare complications of meningitis as well, including seizures. I wonder why you are asking about hydrocephalus? If you have been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, then that definitely needs to be followed closely by a neurologist or neurosurgeon. It is unclear from your question whether you had hydrocephalus prior to getting meningitis. Regardless, I think you need to make sure to keep your medical appointments with your primary care doctor as well as with your neurologist or neurosurgeon, if you have one, who can monitor you for any ill effects from the meningitis.

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