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"Can men with testicular cancer get a testicle implant?"


I will have one of my testes removed because of cancer. I am 32 and interested in a replacement testicle. Do they have these?


There are a variety of possibilities available for testicular implants, as many men have similar concerns after having a testicle removed for a variety of reasons. Urologists and plastic surgeons often perform this procedure and there are a variety of sizes available that you will be shown and can discuss with your physician regarding the best options available. It is recommended that you discuss these questions with your plastic surgeon or urologist as they will be able to evaluate your medical history, presenting symptoms and physical exam and decide upon the appropriate treatment options available for you regarding possible testicle implantation.

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They will also discuss with you the risks and benefits of these procedures and alternatives available. In general, risks associated with this procedure like many others include the risk of bleeding and infection, as well as the risk of injury to adjacent structures. Your physician can quote you his or her specific statistics in regards to these risks. Benefits to this procedure are similar to women who have breast implants after mastectomies and are related the psychological concerns related to having one testicle. They may also discuss alternatives to testicle implantation if they deem it medically appropriate.

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