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"Is invisalign as good as normal braces?"

ZocdocAnswersIs invisalign as good as normal braces?


Will they take longer to straighten out my teeth in the same period of time?


That is a good question. Numerous studies have been done with regards to the efficacy of invisalign braces compared with the traditional type of braces. In certain patients, these studies have shown very good results and excellent alignment of teeth. Of course, for there to be a good result, you have to meet the criteria required to be a candidate for these special braces. Because everyone's teeth are different, it is impossible to tell whether you are a candidate for invisalign braces unless you are evaluated by a dentist or oral healthcare provider. They will be able to evaluate your medical history, presenting symptoms and clinical exam to decide upon the best treatment to align your teeth. This might include imaging studies to assess the alignment. In terms of length of time required for your teeth to become aligned, again it is impossible to know unless you are evaluated in person by a dental professional. Please discuss further with your dentist.

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