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"How will my doctor treat my bladder cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersHow will my doctor treat my bladder cancer?


I'm a 35 year old woman with bladder cancer. What are my treatment options


I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with a diagnosis of bladder cancer. You will need to discuss treatment options closely with your cancer specialist or urologist, as they are the ones who will be most qualified to tell you what your plan of care should be. However, in broad terms, treatment of bladder cancer depends on whether the cancer is localized to the inner lining of the bladder or if it has spread beyond the inner lining into the muscle layer of the bladder. If the cancer is localized to the inner lining only, then this can usually be managed simply by cutting out the section where the cancer is. This can usually be done transurethrally without the need for a big incision and obviously it saves the bladder. Some cases will also need chemotherapy drugs to be placed into the bladder after the surgery. If the cancer has moved into the muscle layer of the bladder, this is much more serious. Usually this requires a major operation in which the entire bladder is removed surgically. Chemotherapy medications may also be needed. Talk to your doctors. Based on what kind of cancer you have and how far it has spread, they will recommend certain treatments.

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