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"Will labiaplasty make my labia look prettier?"


I have a huge labia and am concerned people will think something is wrong. Should I look into labiaplasty to boost my self esteem?


Labiaplasty is a specialized form of plastic or cosmetic surgery that is performed by certain plastic surgeons. The procedure is gaining in popularity, and it is not performed in many cities throughout the United States. The procedure is relatively uncomplicated, and it is usually well tolerated.

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Most people who have it done do like the results. Of course the major barrier is that it is quite expensive and not covered by insurance. However, if it is something that interests you you should set up an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to discuss your options. Importantly, however, I need to remind you that having a cosmetic procedure performed on your labia will not necessarily help your self esteem. If you feel like you have no self esteem, that is something that you should seek direct help for, rather than resorting to plastic surgery. You could set up an appointment with your psychologist or a therapist, both of whom will be ready to discuss your feelings of low esteem and help you explore where those negative thoughts come from and how to correct them. This is the only effective way to deal with the root cause of your self esteem problems.

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