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"How should I mentally prepare for my lap-band (gastric banding) consultation?"


The thought of being thin is such a huge relief. I am a 25 year old woman with very low self esteem. How can I remain optimistic throughout this time?


First of all, congratulations on working towards a healthier weight. For many overweight people, a gastric banding procedure or other bariatric surgery procedure is a very good move, as it helps with weight loss. Most bariatric surgery is performed in specialty obesity or weight loss centers, where there is a lot of ancillary support from nutritionists, social workers, etc.

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This is because gastric banding is not a magic bullet. It will not automatically make you lose weight, it just helps by making it harder to overeat. However, the unhealthy eating habits that you came into the procedure with will still exist after the procedure is done. You will need to learn to eat healthy, and the team will be able to help counsel you through the steps that will be required to do this. Additionally, post procedure many people who undergo gastric banding will have some psychological stress. This is because the meals that you will be able to eat will be significantly smaller than you are used to. This requires reordering and restructuring of your lifestyle and your eating habits. Talk to your bariatric surgery team, who will be there both before and after the procedure to help you adjust to this new lifestyle.

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