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"Is lasik eye surgery only meant for people with very bad eyesight?"

ZocdocAnswersIs lasik eye surgery only meant for people with very bad eyesight?


Can people with moderately bad vision also get lasik? My eyes are -2.5 which isn't too bad.


Lasik surgery is a very popular technique for correcting vision. It involves using the energy from a beam of laser light to reshape the cornea (which is the clear part of the eye at the front) so that the rays of light entering the light focus more precisely on the surface of the retina. You should talk to your eye doctor about whether or not Lasik surgery is right for you. Fortunately, Lasik surgery is generally very successful in people who have moderately bad vision and especially in people who are nearsighted like yourself. The surgery works less well in people who are farsighted, because the changes in the cornea shape tend not to be as permanent as with nearsighted surgery. Furthermore, the surgery works less well in those with very severe nearsightedness, because the amount of reshaping that is needed in the cornea becomes technically very difficult. Therefore, based on these considerations and what you are telling me about your vision, it sounds like you might actually be a very good candidate for Lasik. However, the first step would be to go see your eye doctor. They will help you determine for certain whether this is a good move in your case.

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