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"Can an eye suddenly go lazy?"

ZocdocAnswersCan an eye suddenly go lazy?


I am having trouble focusing on object especially on my right eye. What should I do?


It seems like there are two separate questions that are not necessarily related. To address your first question, if by lazy eye, you mean that one of your two eyes is not looking in conjugation with the other eye, leaving you with double vision, that is generally the definition of the lazy eye. If that is the case, and this has occurred suddenly, this could be a potentially very concerning finding and would require evaluation by a primary care doctor or emergency room physician immediately. The reason that this can be a serious finding is that for here to by a sudden change in your eyes ability to stay in conjugate motion, there may be a mass of some sort causing compression on of the nerves that innervates the muscles that move your eye. Masses like this could include aneurysms, tumors, amongst other lesions. If the trouble is focusing with one eye, because of blurriness or inability to focus with one eye, that could still be something concerning and the differential may be similar in regards to the cause of this. Regardless, it is recommended that you are evaluated by your primary care doctor or ED physician for further work up.

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