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"Do high heels cause leg pain while walking?"

ZocdocAnswersDo high heels cause leg pain while walking?


I wear high heels every day. Recently, I started experiencing leg and back pain except when I'm asleep. What can I do?


Leg and back pain can be caused by a large variety of common and not so common insults, and so it is hard to tell if it is the high heels that is the problem without more information. In general, however, if you are doing something that seems to be causing you pain or discomfort, that is the way that your body lets you know that you should stop doing it. If you find that your complaints seem to get better on the days, or at least during the hours, when you aren't wearing heels, and that things get especially bad after a long day on your feet, then taking a brief break from the heels might be a great place to start fixing your problem. It is known that the footwear that you choose to wear can have an impact on your posture and comfort, and so modifying what you are wearing to achieve comfort can potentially have a positive impact on your long term well being. The most important thing, of course, is to discuss your problem with a doctor. Your primary care doctor will be able to evaluate you and make recommendations as needed to visit specialists.

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