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"I have spots on my right arm that look like bruises - why?"


They appear than disappear in a few days. I do toss and turn at night, i am 55, male 5-11 195 lbs. have had minor, skin cancer removed from my fore head fair skinned i do bruise easly,i make my own beer so i do drink beer, i have not seen a doctor in yrs.


This is a concerning symptom. I would strongly recommend that you see a doctor to have this evaluated. I would recommend starting with your primary care doctor who can begin this evaluation.

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Subsequently, and if necessary, you may be referred to a blood specialist (known as a hematologist) in order to have further evaluation. Firstly, unexplained bruises (or ecchymosis as it is medically known) is concerning as it indicates there is some problem. Often this is a problem with your clotting of the blood -- that is -- the blood is to thin. There are many causes, some of which are very serious. While bleeding into your skin can be a problem, bleeding into your colon, brain or lungs can be life threatening. There are two broad categories of bleeding disorders. One is problem with platelets -- the cells in the blood that help the blood clot. There can either be too few platelets or platelets that do not work. Your doctor can evaluate this. The other major category is a problem with the "factors" in the blood that help the clot. There are many problems that can occur with these factors that can again be tested. Many medicines (like aspirin or plavix) can make this more common. In addition, excessive alcohol can cause "thinning" of the blood. Again, please talk to your doctor.

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