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"What is this clear, thick liquid oozing out of the corner of my left eye? Should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this clear, thick liquid oozing out of the corner of my left eye? Should I be worried?


I am a healthy 22 year old who has been wearing contact lenses for the past 8 years. I only wear eye contacts during the day, and I wear glasses as soon as I get home. I am concerned because I just noticed that my left eye is oozing out a clear, thick liquid. What may this be? Could it be normal? Should I go to an eye doctor?


I would recommend that you go to have this evaluated. While this is likely a minor condition, this warrants evaluation in order to rule out a worrisome cause. Firstly, there are a few other symptoms that if you have you should go to the emergency room. Any pain in the eye or change in your vision would require you to present to the emergency room as soon as possible. As for what is this clear liquid, there are three common causes of eye discharge. First is bacterial conjuctivitis -- a bacterial infection of the eye. This often has thick white discharge and causes a red eye. Antibiotic eye drops are often needed. The second cause is a viral conjuctivitis -- an infection that does not require treatment and will improve on its own. Often this is in both eye and a clear white thin discharge. Third -- allergies can cause thin clear discharge -- often in both eyes. Other causes exist. A corneal abrasion or small scratch in the eye can occur from contacts. I would recommend not wearing contacts till this resolves. In addition, infection of the contact or the contact solution is possible. See your doctor for an evaluation. This may resolve on its own but may be a serious condition. Good luck!

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