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"Is combining ADHD medication and Lexapro safe?"

ZocdocAnswersIs combining ADHD medication and Lexapro safe?


I am a 24 Year old male who has been diagnosed with depression when I was 13 and again much recently for which I am now taking 5mg of Lexapro a day and it has worked wonders for me. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with ADHD and put of Concerta resulting in 57 Mg a day but still felt the medication want working after only a few hours and made me nauseous so I quit at the beginning of my SR. year in undergrad. Now it has been 3 years since I have taken concerta but I am in grad school now and my professor has commented on my inability to concentrate or connect in class. Is it safe to take ADHD meds while on Lexapro, or is there a different anti-depressant that could serve both purposes of anti-depressant and helping me focus?


This sounds like an issue that you should definitely raise with your primary care doctor or your psychiatrist. If you are finding that your symptoms of inattention, from adult type attention deficit disorder, are impairing your ability to function in grad school then you may indeed need to go back on a stimulant medication like Concerta. You should talk to your psychiatrist about the experiences you had the last time you were on the stimulant, and they will work with you to try to minimize the side effects and maximize the effect of the medication on your attention and productivity. At that same time it is very common for adults with attention deficit disorder to also have additional psychiatric disorders, such as depression or anxiety. These other disorders should also be treated, because treating the attention deficit disorder symptoms alone will not necessarily make, say, the depression symptoms go away. Lexapro is a good medication for depression and you should be able to continue it while also taking a stimulant medication. If you find that the Lexapro is not working well for your depression, this might also be the time to discuss increasing the dose or changing to a different antidepressant.

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