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"Will wearing briefs result in male infertility?"


I have worn briefs my entire life but my wife thinks it will reduce our chances of having kids. I am 31 at the moment. Should I wear boxers?


The answer to your question is that your briefs have probably not reduced your chances of being able to father a child, but there is some truth to what you wife is saying. Let me explain. The testicles hang down from the body in the scrotum for a reason.

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Sperm grow best in cooler temperatures than body temperature. One of the scrotum's jobs is to keep the testicles cooler. In some men, wearing tight briefs brings the testicles too close to the body, and the sperm temperature is too high. In rare instances, this can reduce the sperm count and may even contribute to difficulties with conceiving a child. This is why some doctors recommend boxers instead. While the evidence is fairly weak here, and it probably makes little difference, you may just want to make your wife happy and start wearing the boxers. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. The two of you can discuss the boxers-briefs issue and come to a conclusion. Most likely your doctor will either tell you it does not matter what you wear, or you may get instructions to switch to boxers just to be safe. If down the road, you are found to have a low sperm count, then you should switch to boxers just be sure. Good luck.

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