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"Would maxillofacial surgery be considered cosmetic?"

ZocdocAnswersWould maxillofacial surgery be considered cosmetic?


I am trying to get my jaw to jut out less. Will maxillofacial surgery help?


Maxillofacial surgery can be considered cosmetic or therapeutic depending on why it is being done. People that have jaw alignment problems can have problems other than just cosmetic. For example some people with jaw alignment issues have pain in their jaws while chewing. Others have chronic headaches which can not be explained by any other source. In these cases, having your jaw re-aligned is not considered a cosmetic surgery, but rather a therapeutic surgery. If the surgery is done purely for improvement in aesthetics, then it is considered cosmetic. Most doctors that perform maxillofacial surgery are dentists that have undergone a residency specific to this type of procedure. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with such a doctor. Your first consultation will include a full run down of what the surgery will entail, and what the reasonable risks and benefits will be. You will also want to learn about the cost of the procedure. This is because if the operation is being done for cosmetic reasons, then it may not be covered by any insurance. If the operation is being done because of a symptom that cannot be corrected by another method, then the surgery may be covered by your insurance. Good luck.

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