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"What is a menopause follow up?"


Will my doctor tell me about medication and hormone supplements? What should I know?


A menopause follow up is a doctor appointment usually with an OBGYN or a primary care physician. The purpose of this appointment is to basically make sure that you are not having any major symptoms that need attention, and that something other than menopause is not happening. The first step the doctor will take depends on how old you are.

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If you are between the ages of 45 and 55 and you period is becoming more irregular or has stopped, the most likely cause is menopause. If you are younger than 45, or if your doctor is uncertain of whether you are actually undergoing menopause, then he or she may measure some hormone levels in your blood. This will help differentiate other causes of irregular or stopped periods from menopause. If you are having symptoms such as vaginal dryness or hot flashes, then you and your doctor can talk about treatment. Hormone supplements can help with many of these symptoms, but are only recommended in certain instances and for only short periods of time. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBYGN or primary care physician (your choice). He or she will be able to give you more information about menopause and what you can expect going forward. Good luck.

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