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"Should a drug addict receive a mental state opinion?"


I am about to enter rehab and would like a mental state opinion. I know it's up to me to control my addiction, but I am having trouble and think there's something wrong.


Drug addiction is a very difficult condition to manage and treat. As there is no perfect or easy cure, there are many different approaches to battling this. I would recommend that you see a psychiatrist (a mental health specialist) in order to discuss you drug addiction and "mental state.

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" Drug addiction is a disease. It is unfortunately not curable, but can be managed. Many people are genetically predisposed to it -- that is to say it runs in people's families. While one can have drug addiction alone, most people have other mental health conditions that exacerbate their addiction. For example, many people have a mental disorder such as depression. Because their depression is so bad, they use drugs in order to "self medicate" and lessen the feelings of depression. This use of drugs than causes worsening of the depression which results in more drug use. As such, this is a horrible cycle that continues until horrible consequences occur. If you feel that there is something wrong, talking to a psychiatrist can help. He or she can discuss with you if you have another mental health condition worsening your drug addiction. In addition, their are some treatments for drug addiction itself (medicines that are available) that may help. Good luck!

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