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"Is it safe to get microsurgery to reverse a vasectomy?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to get microsurgery to reverse a vasectomy?


What are the complications? I got my vasectomy over 8 years ago.


In general, the operation to reverse a vasectomy caries the same risks as the surgery to get the vasectomy. This depends on the type of vasectomy reversal you get done. The surgeon will likely attempt to connect the vas deferens (the tube that was cut) at the cut ends. However, sometimes there are blockages that develop closer to the testicle that result from the first vasectomy. In these cases, there may be a need to connect the tubes in a different way. This may result in a bit larger of an incision. The reversals typically have fairly good success rates with about 90% of people becoming fertile one year after the surgery. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a urologist. It would be best if it was the same urologist that performed your original vasectomy. If that doctor is no longer available, then one of his or her partners would be second best. The urologist will be able to review with your the risks of a vasectomy reversal and the likelihood of it being successful after 8 years. You will then have to weigh the risks and benefits and make a decision. Most likely, if you really want to have more kids, the benefits of the procedure will outweigh the risks. Good luck.

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