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"How soon after microvascular surgery on my hand will I be able to play baseball?"

ZocdocAnswersHow soon after microvascular surgery on my hand will I be able to play baseball?


I am a 31 year old baseball player. Will I be able to play soon after surgeyr?


Unfortunately, it is difficult to ascertain the extent of the microvascular surgery that you are having, to what area within the hand it is being done, and for what reason you are having this done. For this reason, the best person who can answer the question you are posing would be the surgeon that is performing this procedure on you. During the preoperative consolation, it is prudent that you discuss with him the postoperative care of this incision, length of the incision, whether you will require a cast or splint, how long your will have to wait before playing baseball and what types of pain medications he or she will prescribe for you and your pain. In general, the wait can be from four to twelve weeks and sometimes even longer depending on what surgery you are having done and how important it is that you keep pressure off the incision. In general, if you are doing something that hurts you after your surgery, this is likely your body telling you that it is not ready to perform the tasks that you are attempting. But again, it is important to discuss these questions with your surgeon as he or she will best be able to answer how long you cannot bear weight and perform strenuous exercise with that hand.

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