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"How should I prepare for my minimally invasive bypass consultation?"


I am 48 and will have my consultation soon. What should I do to prepare?


The best way to prepare for a medical consultation is to make sure that you have copies of your medical records and previous tests for the physician you will be seeing in consultation. You can contact the office of the physician you will be seeing to inquire what information he or she would like to have. It is often easier for you request your records from your other physicians (or hospitals where you have had tests) because in order for the consulting physician's office to make the request, you will have to sign a release of information and obtaining your signature can delay obtaining the records.

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The consulting physician will be delighted if you can make sure that your records are at his or her office before your appointment so that he or she has a chance to review them. In addition, when seeing a physician for consultation it is also helpful to make sure that you know for sure that your insurance referrals and other paperwork are in order. This can save you some time and difficulty down the road. When it comes to the medical details of your consultation, the specialist will be able to ask you the information he or she needs to know. You simply need to be prepared with your questions (it helps to write them down!) and be willing to tell your story.

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