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"Is mobility therapy beneficial to those who've been in a car accident?"


I'm 33 and was in an accident that made it difficult for me to walk. Should I have mobility therapy to help regain my balance?


I'm sorry to hear about your accident. This is unfortunately not an uncommon problem, and there are many people who must deal with this. I would recommend that you discuss this with your primary care doctor.

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There are many different problems that could be causing your poor balance -- and different specialists would be needed. Balance and walking is a complex process. As such there are many components involved in this, and many problems that could occur. Your accident could have effected any of these: (a) Brain or nerve function. The cerebellum (in the back part of the brain) and nerves are responsible for balance. Your accident could have caused nerve damage or transection. You may also be experiencing post-concussion symptoms or other signs of brain trauma. A neurologist can help with this. (b) Muscle or bone function. Either of these can be injured in the accident. An orthopedic surgeon or rheumatologist can help. (c) If you have an injury that cannot otherwise be addressed -- a physical medicine and rehabilitation or PMR doctor can help. Therefore, to answer your question, a PMR doctor can help with "mobility therapy." I would recommend first discussing this with your primary doctor. If appropriate, he or she can help you with a PMR consult. Good luck!

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