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"What movement disorder exercises are best for someone with cerebral palsy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat movement disorder exercises are best for someone with cerebral palsy?


I would like my sister to shake less when she walks.


There are a variety of therapy programs that help people with movement disorders improve the range of motion that that have and there ability to perform certain tasks easier. Physical and occupational therapy for instance are helpful to improve patients' abilities to carry out activities of daily living. Yoga is another way to improve overall muscle tone and flexibility and is very low impact and has many other benefits in terms of mental state and stress relief. In terms of her shaking, it is difficult to answer the question without knowing more about when is she noticing this shaking and whether this is a new finding or something that has been going on for a long time? Is it at rest that she is having tremor like activity? Does she have difficulty walking because the tremors occur with movement? These are all questions to address with her primary care doctor who will best be able to evaluate her medical history, clinical exam and presenting symptoms and decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include a referral to a specialist if deemed necessary. With the other therapies described above, hopefully they will help with the symptoms you are describing although it is best to discuss this with your medical provider.

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