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"Is yoga a good movement disorder exercise?"


Will developing my core help me have better control over my movement disorder?


Unforunately, it is difficult to assess what the movement disorder is that you have or the length of time that you have had this disorder. Regardless of the movement disorder, it is important that you discuss any exercise regimen with your primary care doctor or the person that manages your movement disorder because they will be best able to evaluate your medical history, presenting symptoms, and clinical exam, and decide upon the appropriate medical work up and recommendations related to yoga or other therapies. In general, yoga is a very low impact exercise that allows for stretching large and small muscle groups and improving your breathing and concentration.

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There are many benefits to yoga that have been shown for improving mood, concentration, flexibility and muscle and core strength so it is likely that you will have some benefit from yoga exercises whether or not the benefits are related to your movement disorder. Again, it is important to consult your primary care doctor before beginning an exercise regimen as they will have to evaluate whether you are safe to do this from a medical standpoint. This may include evaluating your heart and lungs to ensure they are strong enough to perform these types of exercises.

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