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"How can I tell whether my child is experiencing movement issues?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I tell whether my child is experiencing movement issues?


My child likes to sleep a lot and when he's awake he tends to stay in one place. Could he be having trouble getting from one spot to another?


To answer this question, a little more information would be necessary. How old is your child? Did your child have any developmental or birth related issues? Is your child growing and meeting his developmental milestones appropriately as discussed with your pediatrician? These are all questions that you should discuss with your child's pediatrician as he or she will be able to use this information, along with your child's medical history, clinical examination and presenting symptoms and decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include lab tests or imaging studies. He or she may also decide to refer your child to a specialist depending on what he feels would be clinically appropriate. In terms of your child's symptoms, there is a wide net of possibilities for why your child may be staying in one place. Apart from the fact that this may be totally normal and expected for your child, depending on what age he is and what his medical history is, but other more concerning things include seizures, muscle disorders, metabolic disorders and a variety of other potentially serious and concerning issues. Again, discussions with your pediatrician are the first and most important step at this time.

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