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"Is there a cure for multiple sclerosis?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a cure for multiple sclerosis?


My uncle was diagnosed with MS. Can they cure him? How does the disease affect his body?


Multiple sclerosis is a complex neurological disease that can effect many different aspects of the nervous system. Unfortunately, MS is not curable. It is however, treatable. MS is a disease where the immune system attacks the outer lining of the central nervous system's cells (called neurons). This outer lining is called myelin. When this myelin is attacked by the body's immune system, the myelin is stripped away (a process we call demyelination). This causes nerve signals to be sent and received in an abnormal way. Symptoms can include pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and loss of coordination. Treatment for MS usually involves trying to calm down the immune system so that it does not attack the myelin. This allows some of the areas of the brain and spinal cord to heal. I suggest that your uncle schedule an appointment with a neurologist. He or she will be able to establish what symptoms your uncle is having so that those symptoms can be tracked as treatment is started. In addition, your uncle may need an MRI of his brain to establish what areas have already suffered demyelination. This way, if he develops a new symptom, it can be determined if it represents a flair of his MS, or a different problem all together.

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