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"What is a treatment plan for Myasthenia Gravis?"


There appears to be many options. How should I begin to deal with this disorder?


Myasthenia gravis is a condition in which muscle weakness occurs, usually as the result of antibodies that the body develops against the apparatus that conducts signals between the nerves and muscles. This leads to symptoms of muscle weakness that typically wax and wane, may be worse with temperature swings, and typically occur with exercise or other repetitive motions of muscles. There is also a variant of myasthenia which mostly causes trouble with muscles of the eyes, leading to intermittent double vision.

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The initial treatment of myasthenia gravis are usually one of several medications that work by increasing the signalling intensity between the nerves and the muscles, in effect overriding the block that occurs there. If the symptoms are not too severe, this treatment is usually sufficient for most patients. In patients with more severe symptoms from their myasthenia gravis, drugs to reduce the body's immune reaction are often needed. These medications are typically tried after the patient fails treatment with the first class of medications, however they may be needed right away if the symptoms are more severe. Patients with myasthenia gravis also need to avoid various medications which can make the symptoms worse, and your neurologist will be able to counsel you on this.

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