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"Will a therapist be present at my neck oncology consultation?"


How many people will be there?


First, I am sorry to hear that you are having to visit with an oncologist, as it usually means that you have a long battle ahead of you. Fortunately, cancers of the head and neck respond relatively well to the different therapies that are available. When you visit with a head and neck oncologist (who is often an ear-nose- and throat trained surgeon, or otolaryngologist), he or she will generally have a staff member visit with you briefly to obtain some simple past medical history.

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Then, he or she will come in and discuss your symptoms, any lab work, and radiographic images that you might have had previously. Then, you will discuss your diagnosis, and ultimately your prognosis. T hroughout all of this, it might be just you and whoever you bring with you, or the physician could also have an assistant present, depending on how the specific practice is operated. It is becoming more common for this oncologist to then discuss his or her opinion with colleagues (such as a radiation oncologist and hematology-oncology doctor) to discuss the optimal treatment strategy combining all of those disciplines as well. Please speak with your doctor or his or her office for more details about your appointment.

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