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"Is a neck surgery follow up required after a cosmetic surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a neck surgery follow up required after a cosmetic surgery?


I had my sagging neck taken in a bit. Will I need a follow up?


I cannot speak to every surgeons practice habits, as everyone is different in their own way which is what makes up all unique. For this reason I would recommend that you discuss your questions with the surgeon who operated on you. Generally speaking most surgeons that operate on their patients want to see them post-operatively to evaluate how the wounds are healing. When surgeries are performed for cosmetic reasons, most aesthetic surgeons want to evaluate how scars are healing so that they can intervene with therapies earlier rather than later if things aren't healing as well as they should be. For instance, if there is beginning to be the formation of a hypertrophic scar (scar that is larger than normal and raised up), your surgeon may want to inject some steroid (like kenalog) to help reverse this process. Also in the realm of aesthetic surgery it is not uncommon to need to tweak things slightly once they have completely healed to get to the desired endpoint. In a perfect world this wouldn't happen, but unfortunately this world isn't perfect, and no surgeon is either. So the follow-up visit (and usually there are a few) provides the opportunity to continue to foster the doctor patient relationship, and to bring up any aesthetic concerns that are still present whether they are related to the recent procedure or not. But again, I would recommend that you discuss these things with your surgeon. If you do not feel like you have this kind of relationship where you can voice your concerns with your physician, then I would recommend setting up a second opinion with another facial plastics surgeon. I hope that this is helpful. Best of luck.

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