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"Will a neonatologist consultation tell me what to expect when my baby is born?"

ZocdocAnswersWill a neonatologist consultation tell me what to expect when my baby is born?


Is this overkill? I would like everything to be perfect when I deliver my baby and want him to be a happy boy.


The answer to this question depends somewhat on what is known about the health of your baby. If your pregnancy is currently going well, and no abnormalities have been found, then no neonatologist consultation prior to your child's birth is needed. This does not mean that you should not be thinking about a pediatrician for him. You should have a pediatric practice in mind with a doctor you would like. Some practices even accept patients before they are born. This usually does not require that you actually go in and see them, though some pediatrician's opinions on this varies. The day your son is born, his doctor, or a partner of his doctor will come by and see him, do an initial physical exam, and make sure he is doing well. A doctor will be by to see him daily while he is in the hospital. When you take him home, you should have an appointment for him to see the doctor within a week of discharge. From there, his doctor will set up appointments at specific intervals for checkups and vaccinations. I suggest that you give a pediatric practice or doctor a call to see if your new child can become a patient there. They may or may not want you to come in prior to your delivery. This way you have everything set up before you go in to have the baby. Good luck.

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