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"What letters should I bring to my neurological consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat letters should I bring to my neurological consultation?


Should I bring previous tests and examination results?


Some more information is necessary to understand what the consultation is for and whether you are being evaluated by a neurologist, neurosurgeon, or another physician who treats neurological conditions. What is the neurological condition that you are being evaluated for and what work up has been performed to date? In general, any previous tests and examinations, including imaging study reports and images if possible to obtain, are important to bring to any consultation you have, especially if they are related to the condition that you are being seen for. The reason for this is that if you bring your prior studies and images, the physician seeing you will not have to reinvent the wheel and it makes the entire process smoother as there is more information available to make a diagnosis on. In terms of neurosurgery consultations, it is especially important to attempt to bring any images related to the concern that you have as it is much easier to plan surgical interventions based on images rather than radiologist reports. It is important that you discuss any concerns and all lab tests that you have obtained with the neurologist or neurosurgeon you are seeing for more detailed answers.

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