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"Should I bring CT scans to my neurological consultation?"


Is this common practice or will the doctor already have that in hand?


Yes. You should always bring any pertinent and relevant imaging and any other studies you may have to a consultations appointment. Sometimes, the doctor will already have the images, if the scans were performed in the same or affiliated hospital.

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But it never hurts to have all of the information with you when you go see any specialist or doctor. Best case scenario is that he or she will already have the images, scans, reports, labs, etc and can review all of this information and come up with a plan to further work up or treat the problem with which you are presenting. Worst case scenario is the doctor has none of the images, reports, labs, etc but because you happen to bring them, both you and your doctor can proceed to formulate a plan of action. If you don't bring it and your doctor doesn't have the CT scans, then you risk delaying further workup or therapy, because your doctor will not have all of the relevant information to make a good clinical decision and he or she will ask that you bring the scan next time, or a new scan would be ordered. Both of these can be avoided if you just bring all of the information at hand with you to your appointment. I highly recommend discussing all work up and treatment options with your physician regarding your neurological problem.

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