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"Who should I see about coping with my neurological critical care consultation?"


The emotional toll has been significant. Should I see a therapist or a psychologist? Someone in the mental field?


Unfortunately, based on the information given in the question, it is difficult to know whether you have a history of neurological insult (ie trauma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, stroke) and what was the cause of the insult. As such, it is difficult to give a good answer specific to your question and your specific circumstances. In general, it can be said that if you have sustained a neurological insult, it is very common that after this insult, you can develop seizures, depression, focal deficits, changes in mood and forgetfulness.

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Because of the broad range of symptoms that one can develop after a neurological insult, it is important to be evaluated by your primary care doctor first and foremost. The reason for this is that he or she can best evaluate your medical history, presenting symptoms, and clinical exam and decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include imaging studies, lab tests, and possibly a referral to a specialist, such as a neurologist, psychotherapist or other mental health provider. For this reason, it is important that you are first evaluated by your primary care doctor, because from the limited information given in the question and the difficulty diagnosing over the internet, it is not possible to give a good answer as to who should evaluate you.

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