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"Is a neurological follow up good to have after falling off a bicycle?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a neurological follow up good to have after falling off a bicycle?


I fell off a bicycle and hit my head, not too hard. I wasn't wearing a helmet which I know is bad. Should I have my head cheeckd out?


Before we discuss the answer to your question. it is important to spend a minute discussing the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. Although many states have not made this a law, it is generally advisable to wear a helmet at all times when riding a bicycle, similar to wearing a seat belt when riding in car. Helmets have saved countless lives in people who have fallen off bicycles and are now being made very light but strong so as to not be too constrictive or heavy. Now, back to your question. When did you have the fall? Did you have a loss of consciousness or black out spell? These are questions to discuss with your primary care doctor as he or she will be able to use this information, along with your medical history and presenting symptoms to decide whether further imaging and lab tests are warranted. It is advisable though that you be evaluated by a medical professional because there are certain neurological conditions that can occur after neurological injury which may not show up immediately, while other conditions such as bleeding in the head may grow slowly until they become symptomatic. Only your primary care doctor will be best able to evaluate you and rule these types of things out.

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