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"Are Alzheimer's patients required to have neuropathology follow ups?"


How are the two related? My mom has alzheimer' s is why I ask.


Neuropathologists, just like all other pathologists, generally do not evaluate patients in a clinic. They are often the ones that perform autopsies and evaluate histopahologic slides that are obtained either during autopsy or during a biopsy or surgical resection of a lesion. If your mother is diagnoses with alzheimer's, it is unlikely that she will need to meet with a neuropathologist for any reason.

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On the other hand, it would be recommended that she be evaluated by a neurologist if she has not already been evaluated as the neurologist will be able to work up the alzheimer's. To do this, they will need to examine your mother, obtain a physical exam and clinical history and discuss pertinent medical issues that may be related to this disease. They may want to order lab tests or imaging studies, and possibly refer her to a specialist if deemed medically necessary. In any case, neurologists are generally involved in medication management and long term treatment of patients with this disease. Currently there are many studies and potential breakthrough treatment options that are being work on to better treat patients with alzheimer's disease. It is recommended that you discuss these potential options with your neurologist

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