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"Is a neuropathology consultation meant for someone with nerve problems?"


I am very jittery and looking to help lessen my nerves. Should I see a neurologist about this?


I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor. He or she can help with anxiety or "nerves." A neurologist is often more helpful with there are problems with the nerves themselves -- for example when one has decreased feeling in their hands or feet or burning pain.

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Your primary care doctor can help understand and diagnose the symptoms as well as likely treat them. If required, he or she could then subsequently refer you to the appropriate specialist. Feeling jittery or having nerves or anxiety can occur for many different reasons. There are some hormonal causes of this that should be ruled out. Most commonly, high thyroid levels, or hyperthyroidism, should be investigated. This can be done by a simple blood test. High levels of the thyroid hormone (or the "energy" hormone) can cause jitteriness. In addition, another common cause of this sensation is medication or other substances. Caffeine, supplements, medication or illicit drugs like cocaine or "crystal meth" can cause this. Your doctor can help diagnose one of these or other causes. If there is no obvious cause, you may have "generalized anxiety disorder. This can be diagnosed and also treated. If needed, a psychologist can also help. Again, please talk to your primary doctor.

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