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" Getting a neuropathology consultation for glioma - what should I expect?"


What will happen at my consultation? I am a 32 year old woman, just diagnosed with early glioma.


Some questions to consider include how was the tumor diagnosed, and what neurological deficits have you noticed from this tumor, if any? Have you been evaluated by a neurosurgeon for biopsy or possible excision of this mass? If not, it is probably important that you consider being evaluated by a neurosurgeon for this glioma as they will be able to evaluate it for the potential for biopsy or resection depending on the location and characteristics of this tumor. If they decide that surgery is warranted for either biopsy or resection, the tissue removed will be sent to a neuropathologist for further evaluation to decide what the grade and type of tumor that you have. There are a variety of possibilities for brain tumors and neuropathologists can evaluate the tissue and what type of tumor it is.

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how aggressive it is, and whether chemotherapy agents may be able to help with the treatment of it. The first step though it to be evaluated by a neurosurgeon who will best be able to decide whether there are surgical options available, prior to your neuropathologist evaluation. At the consultation, they may discuss your concerns and what potential tumor types are most concerning with regards to your mass.

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