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"What is the difference between a neuro evaluation and a neuropsychology evaluation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the difference between a neuro evaluation and a neuropsychology evaluation?


I don't want to repeat a procedure for my son, age 8, autistic, but this is recommended?


A neurology consultation and a neuropsychology evaluation may both not be necessary for your child. What symptoms is your child's most distressing in terms of the autism? Does he seem to have a significant delay in speech or motor ability when compared to his peers? These are questions to consider and discuss with your pediatrician who will decide whether neurology or neuropsychology are required for your child. Before they decide this, they will evaluate your child's presenting symptoms, medical history and clinical exam and decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include labs tests or imaging studies. If they deem that is is medically appropriate to consult neurology or neuropsychology, then this may be the next step. It is important that you first discuss your concerns and questions with your child's pediatrician as he or she will be able to best decide if these consults would be necessary. Also, in terms of your question, these two fields are very different, and all the differences are beyond the scope of this discussion, but again, discuss these questions with your pediatrician for further details.

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